Soursop Plants

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If your site is subject to flooding, choose a specimen that has been grafted onto pond apple (Annona glabra), since soursop won’t tolerate standing water once its trunk diameter reaches 1/2 to 3/4 inch, prune the tree back to 30 inches in height.

When it begins to send out new shoots, choose the most vertical shoot to be the central leader, and three or four other shoots evenly spaced around the trunk to be the branches.

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How to Plant the Sapling:

Plant your soursop seedling or purchased sapling in an area with full to partial sun and slightly acidic, well-drained soil, where it will be protected from strong winds. Place it about 20 feet from buildings or other plantings, and mulch it heavily with compost to keep the soil damp, as it has shallow roots.


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