Soursop fruit in India

Soursop fruit is also termed as custard apple, graviola, Ramphal, Lasmanphal, kaattuaathapalam, Mullen Chakka, MulluSeettha, Annona muriata, Graviola, Guyabano. The soursop fruit is not available in the market all the time. The Soursop fruit is a large leaf green color and oval or heart shaped fruit with thorny skin. Soursop fruit is the one of the best fruit in India, used to preventing from the cancer cells. The soursop fruit contains full of carbs like fructose type, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, alkaloids, acetogenins, antioxidants, calcium, iron, potassium, gentisic acid and anonol. The nutrient helps to increase the body immunity against infections.  The soursop fruit especially kills the breast, prostate and liver cancer cells. Moreover, the soursop fruit helps to reduce the eye disease, treat infections and potentially fights with the cancer cells.

The flavour of Soursop fruit as a cross between strawberries, pineapple and a variety of intermingles citrus fruits which is used to increase the eating experience. The scientific result assures that the Soursop fruits help to kill the 80% of cancer cells efficiently than the chemotherapy treatment. The Soursop fruit flesh is including the edible white pulp, some fiber and a core of indigestible black seeds. The Soursop fruit is helps to make fruit nectar, Soursop juice, ice cream, candies, sorbets etc. Soursop fruits leaves helps to make several herbal health products to relief from back pain, hair loss, high blood pressure, digestion problem, skin allergy etc.

The Soursop fruit price in India is little high compare to other fruits. The Amelia organic product is one of the best companies in providing the Soursop fruit in India at best price. If you want to buy the Soursop fruit at best price, visit our Amelia organic website As well as the Soursop fruit can buy in online. The various parts of Soursop tree like leaves, fruit and fruit-seeds are used as medicine for heart disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis. The Soursop fruit is the most famous tool for fighting with the cancer cells that’s why this fruit is very famous in India.

The Soursop fruit leaves are help to make Soursop tea which is help to prevent from fever, stomach ailments, parasitic infections, hypertensions, rheumatism, regularise pancreas functioning, curing malaria etc.  The Soursop tree is completely natural products which has no side effects. The Soursop fruit leaves also contain the chemicals with antioxidant and other effects. The Soursop fruit leaves helps to improve immune defence in chemotherapy patients as well as HID (AIDS) patients. The pregnant women should not take large amounts of fruit or leaves, seeds this may attack on developing fetus. The antioxidant properties are helping to fight with free radical which is affecting your skin, thus preventing the skin from aging as well as enhancing skin tone and texture.  The Soursop fruits are helping to make the muscle and entire body feel relaxed after eating this fruit. The Soursop fruit has very few side effects like lowering the level of blood pressure, so it should not be consumed who has low blood pressure or heart complications.

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